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About Us | Queenswood Montessori Preschool

Our School and Mission:

Queenswood Montessori Preschool is dedicated to providing an environment for learning within which children feel safe and cherished and which provides them with the highest quality education and tools for success. 
About Queenswood Montessori


We offer a large variety of authentic Montessori materials and are proud to directly apply the methods and philosophy of Maria Montessori.  Our children acquire the tools necessary for critical thinking, decision-making and respect for all.  Under the guidance of a Montessori trained educator, the prepared environment fosters respect, cooperation, order, choice within limits and provides children with the opportunity to build themselves to their fullest potential.  We strive to provide an environment conducive to developing social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination as well as cognitive preparation.


We are now located in the quiet residential neighbourhood of Scenic Acres, and conveniently located just off Nose Hill Drive two blocks south of Crowchild Trail within Advent Lutheran Church, although not affiliated with the church itself. A spacious classroom and large windows combine to provide a bright and inspiring learning environment.

It is our belief that parents, in addition to teachers play an essential part in the education of children. We offer ongoing communication between the school and parents, including weekly report sheets and monthly newsletters. In addition, there will be two official report cards accompanied by parent-teacher interviews over the school year.

In accordance with our school philosophy, “A Journey of Learning Through Discovery” our mission is to provide an environment which  results in a love of life and learning,  fostering independence, self-esteem and love and respect for one another as well as the world around us.